February 2, 2015 Last Updated 4:17 pm

Cravenhill Publishing releases native tablet edition for Communicate Magazine

The new interactive digital edition for the trade magazine, targeted at corporate communications professionals, was built using the Mag+ digital publishing platform

The trade magazine Communicate magazine, published by UK publisher Cravenhill Publishing, now has a well produced native digital edition inside the Apple and Google Play newsstands. Communicate has approximately 10,000 in monthly circulation (10x per year).

CM-Mag-cover-fullThe new apps were built using the Mag+ digital publishing platform, and the digital editions inside the app were designed in portrait.

“Communicate is the single voice for stakeholder relations ­the leading magazine for corporate communications professionals,” states the app description. “We talk to leading communicators, both in-house and agency, to bring tales from the frontline of communications, and practical lessons in how to improve company’s relationships with multiple audiences.”

Single issues are available inside the app for £1.49 ($1.99), with an annual subscription priced at either £9.99 or £10.49 (I think the price changed when Apple adjusted prices due to currency fluctuations).

“The times they are changing and Communicate magazine has launched a digital edition,” the magazine’s website states. “We’ve set the pricing ridiculously low – £1.49 per issue, or £9.99 for the year.” The regular subscription rate for the print edition is £50.

CM-Mag-editor-380The new app premieres with the October and November-December available, as well as two special issues. Current print subscribers can log into the app through the My Accounts tab at the bottom of the library page.

The November-December issue which I downloaded would be described as a hybrid edition, with the advertising as seen in print, but the editorial pages reformatted. The only ad, however, looks to have been a two-page spread and so the designer reduced it down to fit on one digital page.

The digital edition uses the usual digital design features such as scrolling with a story and swiping to reach the next. At least one story features a scrolling text box.

One sponsored section features a nice native design featuring a long panogramic shot featuring Pelé and a pop-up caption. The only problem with it, as far as I can see, is that I could not move past it without tapping the screen and bringing up the bottom navigation so I could tap another page and move on. This might confuse some readers.

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