January 30, 2015 Last Updated 7:29 am

Updates: Apple adds iTunes widget to Notification Center; iTunes Connect back online

Flipboard gets their iOS app update through the iTunes Connect site outage, makes Flipboard Topics available in India and the UK

The Apple program iTunes is probably the one piece of software Apple most needs to give a complete rewrite, but today it at least got an update. The update brings the program up to version 12.1 and adds a widget into Notification Center in OS X Yosemite.

The update also is said to improve the performance of syncing with iOS devices.


What is interesting is that the past week or two has seen a series of important updates from Apple that have been mostly about fixing irritating bugs in their software as complaints have risen about the quality of Apple’s software.

On January 4th the developer Marco Arment posted a complaint about Apple quality that quickly became an excuse to pile on Apple. Sadly, Marco backtracked and my guess is that never a discouraging word will be heard from Marco again. But the post reflected what many others were seeing and should have been saying, as well. (I continue to feel pretty isolated regarding my Newsstand complaints despite the impact it is having on publishers. Where the hell are the trade associations on the issue?)

For me, Apple has never better than when it bragged that its latest OS X release was about making the software better, sleeker, more efficient, not just about adding more bells and whistles, creating software bloat. In the end, these are the best updates.

I think there is a chance Arment’s rant did some good, woke up some people, as the last few updates have been very much appreciated (especially the latest Yosemite update which has fixed some issues with Spotlight).

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there are not going to be new bugs arising now and then. Yesterday, developers and publishers experienced a big one: iTunes Connect was down after it was discovered that once the user logged into their account they were presented with apps… that were not their own! It must have been quite a shock (I missed it, by the time I heard of the bug Apple had taken iTunes Connect offline).

Apple has brought iTunes Connect back online, though there have been very few updates released in the past 24 hours as a result.

One of the few app updates released is for the popular Flipboard app.

Flipboard-icon-150What’s New in Version 3.1.2

  • Flipboard Topics are now available in India and the UK. Each of the 34,000 topics is powered by the best stories from publishers, websites, and magazines. Explore them through search or tap topic tags on articles.
  • Improved performance of YouTube videos and web views.More recently added features:
  • Get more control over what you see. If you don’t like a story in your Home tab on iPhone, or Cover Stories on iPad, tap and hold to show less like that topic, or unfollow the source altogether.
  • Organize your magazines in your Profile, just tap and hold to move them around.

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