January 30, 2015 Last Updated 10:11 am

FedEx Access Magazine released into the Apple Newsstand

New app from Hanley-Wood Integrated Marketing, built using the Adobe DPS, follows the release late last year of the app into Google Play

The brand marketing division of Hanley-Wood has released a new digital magazine app into the Apple Newsstand for its client FedEx. FedEx Access Magazine was released under its own developer account name (Hanley-Wood is listed as seller).

FedExAccess-coverThe app was built using the Adobe DPS and was first launched into the Google Play store just before Christmas. The Android version looks like it was really built off of this tablet version as the screenshots look identical (thought the pages don’t fit as well on a smartphone screen).

The app is completely native, features smart, simple page designs, and uses fonts that are a comfortable reading experience on both the larger iPad, as well as the iPad mini.

The articles do not use scrolling to reach additional pages, but instead rely on scrolling text boxes to fit the content onto one page. There are pop-up captions and the occasional video, as well.

Hanley-Wood won a couple of awards for its branded magazines in 2013 – one of them was for the digital edition of STIR Magazine, published for Sherwin-Williams. That app appears under the iTunes account of its developer, Resource Interactive, who was responsible for the app, while Hanley-Wood created the concept and was responsible for content for both the print and digital editions of the magazine.

FedExAccess-articleI don’t know if they were involved with this app, as well, or if Hanley-Wood is now developing them on their own. (I reached out to the company but have not heard back at this time, but my guess is that this is solely their project.)

The ability to produce digital editions like this one gives Hanley-Wood a huge advantage when trying to compete for new business.

Back in 2010, Hanley-Wood was able to secure the contract with the American Institute of Architects, taking it away from McGraw-Hill. I remember that as if it happened yesterday because my old boss was running things at McGraw-Hill when they were able to take it away from VNU. VNU, in turn, sold its magazine to Hanley-Wood.

Why do I even mention this? Because securing business in this area can make or break a magazine. Having the ability to offer brands, associations, institutions more than just print publishing solutions is vital. This new digital edition will be a good showcase for Hanley-Wood when it meets with clients, and prospective accounts.

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