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British stylist Richard Shoyemi launches his own digital magazine, Maison Illimité

The newly released Apple Newsstand app was built using the Pugpig digital publishing platform, and works on both the iPhone and iPad tablets

The British stylist Richard Shoyemi has done something truly fashionable, he has launched a digital magazine into the Apple Newsstand. Called Maison Illimité, the app uses the Pugpig digital publishing platform.

Maison-I-1Maison Illimité will be published quarterly and in addition to the Apple Newsstand app has an online component, as well.

“As the sound of the last of the Armand de Brignac pops and we enter a new year, new beginnings and new ventures, it is only right to present something new for 2015. I am thrilled and delighted to give birth – with the great help of many others – to Maison Illimité, online fashion, art and beauty magazine,” writes Shoyemi in the editor’s note for the premiere issue.

The new digital magazine app is universal – and because its digital pages are made up mostly of fashion photography, it works perfectly well on the iPhone as its does the iPad.

The app appears under the developer account of Daniel Fontaine, credited in the digital issue as Danny Fontaine, who I assume is the same person as the UK web designer of the same name.

Despite being able to be read in both portrait and landscape orientations, the digital edition is not a storage hog, weighing in at only 57.1 MB on my iPad mini (the app itself is 4.9 MB).

Pugpig’s platform creates a very interesting digital magazine. It has a TOC function in the upper left hand corner that is similar to TypeEngine (29th Street Publishing places it at the bottom), and an issue navigation tool in the upper right hand corner similar to Adobe DPS.

“I’ve been aware of PugPig for a while – it allowed me to seamlessly use a CMS to publish out the same content but styled differently to both app and website, plus has the offline functionality that we were looking for,” Fontaine told TNM.

The layouts here are fairly simple, but there is some text wrapping here, but not much, and it is a bit uneven. For me the fonts were perfect on a standard size iPad, but a tad small on my iPad mini.

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