January 27, 2015 Last Updated 10:48 am

Aperture Foundation launches bi-weekly digital magazine into the Apple Newsstand

The new digital magazine is published using the 29th Street Publishing platform, and appears inside the Newsstand under the Aperture Foundation’s own developer account

The Aperture Foundation, founded in 1952 by a prestigious group of photographers including Ansel Adams, Melton Ferris and Dorothea Lange, has been the publisher of a quarterly magazine. But quarterly magazines don’t really work inside the Apple Newsstand, they appear too infrequently, with readers expecting more regular content for their mobile devices.

Aperture-iPad-iPhoneThis may be why Aperture Foundation has launched a bi-weekly digital magazine through 29th Street Publishing. Designed for reading on both the iPhone and iPad, the magazine is equally good and readable in portrait or landscape orientations – something especially important for a photography magazine.

“The Aperture Photography App will keep readers updated about what’s new on “the Aperture beat,” in a short digest of the many goings on at Aperture Foundation. We’ll also feature regular reviews from the world of photography beyond our doors.,” writes the editors in the introductory column.

The Apple Newsstand app comes with a free preview issue, as well as the first dated issue (January 30).

“Here you’ll get to sample some of the things we have coming out in Aperture magazine, in our new books, and in The PhotoBook Review. We’ll offer insights behind the scenes of various projects, including books and exhibitions in the making and our education programs, showcasing some of the talented artists and thinkers within the photo world coming through our New York offices, and participating in our programs.”

As we mine our archives for items that shed light on photography today, we’re also using this app as a place to republish classic features from more than sixty years of producing Aperture magazine, and forty-five years of publishing books. – Editors, Aperture magazine

Publishing a digital magazine may be easier than a print edition, but it will still take quite a commitment on the part of the editors to publish a bi-weekly edition. To accomplish this, the editors will rely on new features, material from the quarterly magazine, archived material and reviews. The first issue, for instance, features an interview with Matthew S. Witkovsky which is also featured in the print magazine.

Aperture-columnThe 29th Street Publishing platform delivers a digital edition that works very well on smartphones and small tablets. Layouts creativity is restricted compared to an InDesign or Quark based platform, but the advantage is that fonts are adjustable. Additionally, photography is generally seen at full screen, and the reader can always turn their digital device to landscape to see fullscreen landscape shots. I’d call platforms like this an editor’s platform more than a designer’s platform. But good design is still important, and this new app does an excellent job with its first issues.

Note: the app appears under the publisher’s own developer account – something that is wise. The foundation has launched one previous app under its own name, Merce 65, which celebrates the work of Merce Cunningham.

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