January 26, 2015 Last Updated 10:32 am

UK supermarket chain Tesco to close down eBooks service Blinkbox Books

Chain fails to find buyer for eBook service, but sells off Blinkbox Music to Australian music streaming business Guvera

The UK supermarket chain Tesco today said that it would be shuttering its eBook service Blinkbox Books on February 1. Tesco has been trying to find a buyer for the eBook service, as well as its music streaming service Blinkbox Music – it found one for the music side of the business, Australian music streaming business Guvera – but not for eBooks.

Revenue for Blinkbox Books has been very low, just £70,000 for the year through February 2013. Obviously, things did not improve enough in 2014 to keep the service going.

“We’ve learnt a lot since launching the service and whilst we saw encouraging levels of take up, we believe that we can do more for our customers by focusing on our core business,” Tesco said in a statement. “The service will close by the end of February.”

Blinkbox Music, meanwhile, was sold for £5 million. Tesco acquired the service, then called We7, for £12 million Tesco in 2012

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