January 26, 2015 Last Updated 12:41 pm

Greek voters on Sunday elect new government committed to ending austerity policies

News round-up: USA Today issues update to fix problem with crosswords; Aquafadas updates preview app to comply with Apple’s 64-bit app mandate

The Greek government led by Antonis Samaras was voted out on Sunday, and a new party, Syriza, was voted in. The results were no surprise, recent polls, has pointed to the results, but the question on everyone’s mind was whether the Greeks really would follow through and vote in a government that could lead the nation out of the Eurozone.

tsipras-syrizaThe final results showed that the party of new prime minister Alexis Tsipras will have 149 seats in Parliament, two short of an absolute majority. To reach the magic number of 151, Tsipras has met with Independent Greeks leader, Panos Kammenos, who pledged support for a new government.

Several European finance ministers immediately warned Greece that they needed to stay the course when it comes to austerity and its commitments. But the warnings sounded more and more out of touch with the reality on the ground.

“Mr. Tsipras must pay, those are the rules of the game, there is no room for unilateral behavior in Europe, that doesn’t rule out a rescheduling of the debt,” said Benoît Coeuré, and executive board member of the European Central Bank. “If he doesn’t pay, it’s a default and it’s a violation of the European rules.”

Many financial reporters warned of dire consequences for the markets should Syriza win Sunday, but the German DAX is trading higher today, as other most other European stock markets – the UK’s FTSE is down very slightly, and the Athens market reacted by sliding about 1 percent.

The Greek election barely registered on U.S. cable news networks as New York City prepared for a major winter storm to hit the area and most of New England later on Monday.

CNN-Intl-GreeceForecasts are for 12 to 24 inches of snow to hit the Big Apple, and though that is a major storm by anyone’s definition of a storm, for CNN that estimate just didn’t seem big enough. Only minutes after a blizzard warning was announced CNN’s news actors began talking about snow up to 36 inches or more as it became apparent that there really was very little to talk about when discussing a weather forecast 48 hours out.

While viewers and web readers in the U.S. faced a white out of the news, CNN International did lead with the news from Greece. The rule at CNN appears to be that when there is real news from the U.S. it leads both the domestic and international news channels. But when there is real news from Europe, the U.S. version of the cable news network will find something else to talk about. A big snow storm that will effect only a small portion of the U.S. will fit the bill as long as NYC is part of that tiny portion of the country effected.

USA Today, which updated its iPad app last week, has quickly issued another. USA Today for iPad was updated on January 20th to add in video and sports features. But the update broke the crossword puzzles part of the app and readers let them know immediately.

Late Friday an update was issued that fixed the problem – a very quick turn around by the app team, and one surely appreciated by readers.

Also updated today was the preview app from the digital publishing platform Aquafadas.

Version 3.5 of the Aquafadas Viewer for iPad modifies the app to comply with Apple’s mandate that all new and updated apps are based on the iOS 8 SDK and support 64-bit. We’ll see more of these kinds of updates as Apple has given developers until February 1 to make the adjustments.

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