January 22, 2015 Last Updated 11:25 am

Chicago area B2B MediaTec Publishing rebrands itself as Human Capital Media

Publisher of Chief Learning Officer, Talent Management and Workforce, seeks to make consistent its marketing message to readers and advertisers

The B2B media company MediaTec Publishing today announced that it would rebrand itself as Human Capital Media, a name it has been using for its group of HR magazines. As part of the rebranding, a new website for HCM has been launched, built by ePublishing, which brings a consistent look across the company and its three trade magazines – Chief Learning Officer, Talent Management and Workforce.

HMC-new-website“The business was started 15 years when my late partner and I started a magazine that dealt with career development,” John Taggart, president of HCM, told TNM. “As we grew and morphed, we launched Chief Learning Officer magazine – and then two or three years later we launched Talent Management magazine, and then two years ago we bought Workforce magazine from Crain. At the time, we had been working at rebranding the company into Human Capital Media only because the integration of the three publications, and what we talk about and what we deal with on a day-to-day basis in both our editorial and with our advertisers, is that we basically talk about people, also known as human capital.”

“We needed to solidify it, bring it all under one umbrella, and go out the door under Human Capital Media,” Taggart said. “Because, if you had a room of 25 people, and asked what Mediatec Publishing was they would not have any idea, nor would they know who Human Capital Media was. So, over the last six months we have put together the plan, and hopefully the vision, for where we are going – so when we go out to the marketplace, be it from an editorial point of view, or research side, and even the sales side, we are Human Capital Media. We are talking about people, we all about the processes and strategies that go into developing your workforce.”

While many B2B publishing companies that have controlled circulation magazines have been cutting back on their BPA audits, MediaTec has been maintaining very impressive audits. Chief Learning Officer, for instance, has a BPA audit that shows that it is reaching 38,203 readers with the magazine – of which, 25,002 are receiving the print edition, and 23,136 digital editions (with some, of course, receiving both). CLO also includes their e-newsletter in their BPA report, showing that it reaches 85,155 readers. It also reports its social media reach, reporting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn followers.

HCM-threemags“We’re an integrated media company: we have our print magazines, we have our roots in that traditional area, but we’ve grown the business in other areas – our events, live and online, are one aspect of that,” said Mike Prokopeak, Vice President, Editor in Chief. “Our research department is another big aspect of that.”

“As we’ve grown from the one magazine to the three that we own now, I think we are building the structure for both how the company is profitable and how it can be successful across the multiple media… with the different brands in the different vertical areas: with Chief Learning Officer, the executives and the people who are in charge of employee development; with Talent Management magazine, the business and strategy of running a high performing people organization; and with Workforce coming into the fold just two years ago after the acquisition, the business side of HR and where things are headed there.”

Taggart says that the company is finding that readers are sharing access to their digital editions at a far greater rate than print, though he says most readers still prefer print.

CLO-iPad-library“When you talk about Chief Learning Officer, when we started the digital edition it was basically to circumvent the post office,” Taggart said. “We knew it had to be out there, and over the last 18 months, 24 months, is when we finally moved to the GTxcel format to give us a better opportunity to showcase what we had in the marketplace.”

“Readers, we find from our own research, still want the hard copy. So a lot of subscribers are getting both print and digital, with the digital being shared with their colleagues within their office space.”

According to Taggart, while print editions are being read by 2.3 or 2.4 readers per print copy, the digital edition is seen by up to 7 readers.

“The digital version for us is sort of table stakes in the game, in a way,” said Prokopeak. “We know we need to be there”

“I don’t know if we see a ton of growth with the replica editions. We want to make sure we are providing readers with multiple venues and multiple ways to access our content, so whether its from the traditional print magazine, through our websites, or through the digital editions.”

“I think B2B readers, in general, are a bit more conservative in their approach to media consumption,” said Prokopeak. “They are not quite as quick to adapt, or get rid of their print publications. But we have seen – and no surprise to anybody – that month over month, year after year, more people are accessing our websites and our online content for mobile devices. We made a big investment in the last year and a half to make all of our sites responsively designed, so whatever way you are coming into our sites, accessing our content, that it is going to be formatted for that device.”

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