January 20, 2015 Last Updated 11:17 am

Documentary photographers release vital new digital magazine: ME-MO Magazine

Cooperative of European photographers work with web development and design cooperative on new digital magazine for the iPad and (soon) Android tablets

The photography category of the Apple Newsstand has always been the place to find some of the most interesting new digital magazines. Probably beginning with Bonnier’s launch of an app for Popular Photography which used the Mag+ platform (which it helped create), the photography category has led the others in the number of well-designed, innovative digital publishing efforts.

MeMo-cover-1Add to the list ME-MO Magazine (MEmory in MOtion), created by a group of documentary photographers from Spain, Italy, and Catalonia.

The new digital magazine is edited by Maral Deghati, who was born in Tehran, but now resides in Paris. The app was created, if I understand correctly, by Libre, a cooperative of web developers and graphic designers based in Torino.

Libre has several other apps inside the Apple App Store, but this is the first one that now resides inside the Newsstand (a Google Play version is to be released, as well).

MeMo-articleThe magazine will be published quarterly in English, Spanish and Italian, with individual issues priced at $9.99, and an annual subscription priced at $33.99. (Because of this, I hope loyal readers don’t mind that I took advantage of the free preview to take a look at the premiere issue for screenshots before buying the full issue.)

The digital magazine is designed in landscape, and completely native as there is no print equivalent, and the supporting website merely provides readers with background on the digital magazine, links and credits.

The first issue inside the app is theme Fear and features the work of the founding members of the cooperative: Manu Brabo, Fabio Bucciarelli, José Colón, Diego Ibarra Sánchez, and Guillem Valle.

“We are distanced from the real dangers through our own fear,” writes Deghati in the editor’s note. “Looking away from the pain and suffering of human lives, afraid to be jolted out of the comfortable reality.”

“Under fire, in detention and out of the law, I am proud of my brave and talented friends for bringing back their stories, framing historical moments across the globe.”

Success inside the Newsstand, as digital publishers know, is an iffy proposition. But ME-MO Magazine has gotten off to a good start, having already been featured today on the website of TIME magazine in a piece by Phil Bicke, the magazine’s senior photo editor.

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