January 19, 2015 Last Updated 6:42 am

Magzter the latest to enter magazine unlimited subscription business

Magzter to offer $9.99 and $4.99 per month subscription levels

The digital newsstand service Magzter today introduced Magzter Gold, the latest digital newsstand to begin offering a all-you-can-read magazine subscription service. Magzter’s offering will cost $9.99 per month for unlimited reading of over 2,000 titles (Magzter’s standard newsstand claims to offer over 5,000 titles).

MagGold-screen“With thousands of titles available, content discovery is a huge benefit of the digital reading experience on Magzter,” said Vijay Radhakrishnan, President & Co-Founder of Magzter. “To take full advantage of that, we’ve built a leading-edge recommendation engine to power the back-end of our new user interface.”

A lower price point is also being offered: $4.99 for access to any five titles that are part of the program.

“We’re mindful that some users have a very select group of magazines that they like to read each month,” said Girish Ramdas, CEO & Co-Founder. “For them, unlimited access — including the ability to read all back issues — to a few of their favorite titles at just half the price is all they’re really looking for in a digital magazine subscription service.”

Magzter’s apps have also been updated today to begin offering Magzter Gold, bringing the iOS app up to version 4.0.

Magzter joins other Netflix-like competitors such as Next Issue and Zinio that offer similar services. As of today, there is no evidence that magazine readers are clamoring for Netflix like experience, but there is virtually no barrier to entrance for the digital newsstands as magazine publishers continue to jump at nearly any solution that might net incremental subscription dollars and sustain their rate base levels.

One criticism of these services is the low return per subscriber attained. But many a circulation manager will tell you that even in print maintaining price integrity is difficult. The other criticism, this time from the reader side, is that most of the digital newsstands offering these services are offering up PDF replicas to reader that are often hard to read, and rarely as convenient as print, or as interesting as native digital editions. Nonetheless, it might be interesting if Apple were to offer such as all-you-can-read approach within the Newsstand (and even more interesting if they limited it to native digital editions).

  • Nick Martin 3 years ago

    How much does a publisher of a single magazine make when publishing their magazine to Magzter and someone subscribes for all you can read? I totally dig the idea of using Magzter as a platform to get more discovery then you can currently get on Apple Newsstand, but what are the revenue possibilities on a platform like this?