January 15, 2015 Last Updated 7:43 am

Woolworths Fresh magazine comes to the Apple Newsstand as a native tablet edition

The digital edition for the Australian grocer features an original and useful instructions introduction at the app’s opening after installation

The Australian grocery chain Woolworths, like many grocers, has its own customer magazine. For many retail brands, just bringing their magazine to the Apple Newsstand in the form of a PDF replica has been enough. Woolworths, however, has launched a native tablet edition built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Woolworths-coverWoolworths Fresh magazine is one of the best digital magazines for a grocer yet produced. The magazine is published by News Custom Content, and the managing editor for the digital magazine is listed as Marc Gassman, with the design by Charlie de Demo and Aaron Cliff.

The app, once installs, opens to a unique instructions page which goes through the many features to be found in the digital editions. Many digital magazines only include a standard page at the beginning of the their issues, or else include an instructions page lost somewhere in the app’s library or set of navigation options.

Like most cooking magazines, the digital edition is built in portrait. Stories with recipes will include a button which pulls up a pop-up of the recipes, then another button puts the reader into cooking mode. Unfortunately, cooking mode is also in portrait, which means that many readers who have stands or covers for their iPad that only work in landscape will be inconvenienced with this decision.

Of course, the lack of a landscape orientation means that the file size is smaller – in this case, only 188 MB.

Note: the Woolworths Limited chain goes back to 1924 in Australia, and is not connected with F. W. Woolworth Company, the famous five-and-dime store chain founded by Frank Winfield Woolworth in 1878. The Australian chain, however, got its name from that pioneering store, as it had not been trademarked in the country.

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