January 14, 2015 Last Updated 9:04 am

CBS News launches new app for iOS devices, Android update soon

New app will appear as an update for the iPhone app, but is a completely new app for iPad owners and so a new install

The owners of iOS devices have a new CBS News app to install this week. The news network launched a new mobile news app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and promises the same app will launch soon for Android devices.

CBSNews-iPadiPhoneThe new app is an attractive news app that offers simple story layouts and a clean look. The app mirrors the look of a website, with the front page of the iPad version scrolling to reveal more stories, just as one might see the website.

In fact, there is very little difference between the web version of CBS News and the new app (as seen on the iPad) except the loss of some ad real estate in the iPad version (which, of course, makes you wonder why they would do that).

When the reader taps on a story they are presented with a simple layout that works well on both the iPhone and on the iPad mini, though it feels as though a lot of display real estate was wasted. Again, what is lost in the iPad version, when comparing it with the website, is advertising real estate. One has to wonder if the ad team was left out of the decision making process when the new app was developed.

CBSNews-iPad-storyThe app is really best on a smartphone where its simple design is most appropriate.

“We’ve made a number of changes that we hope will make it easier to use. To begin with, we’ve simplified our section fronts and article pages and combined crisp, modern fonts, larger headlines and better line spacing to improve readability,” the news organization announced on its website and inside the app.

“We’ve incorporated more dramatic imagery with full screen galleries. We’ve integrated video and photo galleries more seamlessly into our articles so that you can view all elements of a story in one place. And we’ve also incorporated our special In-Depth sections into the app, which allow you to easily explore the latest updates and highlights from big, ongoing stories, like the Paris attacks, evolving technology and the annual entertainment awards shows. In-Depth sections can be accessed from the navigation or directly from related articles.”

The iPhone version contains a feature which CBS News calls Quick Read. The reader taps on a story headline and the story expands somewhat to reveal a summary of the story. The reader can then tap again to see the full story. The feature is designed to allow readers on a smartphone device to get a small amount of content in a hurry or to provide just enough content to let the reader determine if they want the whole story.

The new app is an update of the older iPhone app, so users of that app will see this as an update. For iPad users, this is a whole new app and replaces the old one (and so will be a new install).

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