January 12, 2015 Last Updated 1:32 pm

Three digital publishing platforms update their iOS previewer apps

Adobe, Mag+ and The Smyth Group update their iOS apps used by designers, journalists and publishers to preview new digital editions

The digital publishing platforms from Adobe, Mag+ and The Smyth Group app updated their iOS previewer apps this weekend or late last week. Preview apps are used, of course, to preview new digital editions on an iPad or iPhone prior to publishing them in app form.

Adobe updated its Adobe Content Viewer this weekend. The app description only mentions bug fixes.

AppPreviewersThe Adobe Digital Publishing Suite was itself updated today, bring Adobe DPS to v32.4.1. The update is intended to bring the suite into compliance with Apple’s demand for 64-bit apps (from the update page):

With the server-side update to DPS App Builder, you can build v32 apps that are compliant with the most recent Apple App Store requirements to include 64-bit versions of apps.

There is no need to rebuild existing apps. Starting February 1, Apple requires only new app submissions to have 64-bit support. Any v32 app created after January 12, 2015 will have 64-bit support. You can update your apps whenever it is convenient for you.

Adobe will not introduce a 64-bit compatible version for v31 apps. As a result, the ability to build v31 apps will be removed from DPS App Builder in the release scheduled for February 2, 2015. You can upgrade your v31 apps to v32 (with 64-bit support) at your leisure.

Mag+ updated its Mag+ Reviewer app. The update brings the iOS preview app up to version 5.2.9 and contains quite a few fixes:

What’s New in Version 5.2.9

  • Fix for searching the issues only taking one character at a time
  • Fix for unresponsive download buttons in issue grid
  • Fix for starting app in landscape on iPhone 6+
  • Fix for it being possible to start a new download of an issue while it is unzipping
  • Fix for stopping audio when a video is played (the audio will not automatically resume when the video is done though)
  • Fix for media continuing to play after issue deleted
  • Fix for opening pushed issue in Reviewer no matter where you are in the app

The Smyth Group updated its TypeEngine iOS app. The app is used not only to preview digital issues, but also allows the user to log into their account and make wording and styling adjustments to their digital editions.

The update brings the app up to version 2.1 and in addition to some performance enhancements also adds support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

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