January 5, 2015 Last Updated 6:57 am

Microsoft introduces feature phone, Nokia 215, with Internet connectivity and $29 price tag

The feature phone is not dead, at least not yet, and today Microsoft introduced a new model, the Nokia 215. The new phone carries a $29 price tag, and is Internet-ready.

Nokia-215_Dual-SIM-350The Nokia 215 uses the Opera Mini Browser and Bing Search and comes in a dual SIM model.

With many smartphones getting larger and becoming alternatives to tablets, the feature phone still has a place in the market as a low-end phone for many consumers, as well as an entry model for younger users. Microsoft may believe that with the emphasis on creating competitors to the iPhone that there is still an opening in the market for a feature phone bearing the Nokia name.

Interestingly, on the Microsoft Lumia site, the first comments about the phone ask if it comes with or can download WhatsApp, a sign perhaps of who might use the phone and for what purpose. Most smartphone users have long since learned that the thing they do the least with their cell phones today is actually make calls.

The new phone is being touted for its long battery life, but the reason for that may be its specs: a 2.4″ display, a 0.3 MP camera, and 2G networking. The new phone is not, as can be seen, a phone for techies.

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