December 29, 2014 Last Updated 1:39 pm

Six new digital magazine apps released in first day after the Apple App Store reopens

New digital publication launches regularly are ignored by industry observers still obsessed with print, and which fails to see the new competitors being launched

The end of the year brings with it the usual round-up of magazine launches and closures. These reports, which generally rely on companies that have been providing this information for years, never take into account digital publishing, and so each year miss more and more of the industry they say they are serving.

SaxLife-previewThe different views of the industry can easily be seen with one look at the App Store on any given day. Take today, for instance, the first day Apple’s App Store is back at work, and six new digital magazine apps have been released. These apps include a new version of Eat Out, and app that was originally released a month ago.

Also released is Saxophone Life, a digital magazine from Nigel McGill, a UK saxophonist whose new digital-only magazine will be offering readers interviews, saxophone maintenance and practice tips, as well as CD reviews. The Apple Newsstand app appears to use TypeEngine to create its app and digital issues.

The digital publishing platform PressPad has a new title using its platform called inSpirit Magazine. PressPad apps are PDF based, but the magazine pages are generally designed specifically for tablet or smartphone reading and so are somewhat easier to read than replicas which are shrunk down to the digital device.

Domus – Sri Lanka, New_List and Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine are the other three titles released into the Newsstand today.

What all six of these new apps have in common is that they were developed for both the iPhone and iPad. That means that there were most likely other digital publications appearing for the first time today that were for the iPad only (Apple makes it more difficult on the iPad side of the Newsstand by not including an “All” area to help readers find the newest apps.)

Magzter, for instance, released several titles such as ET Polymers and Food & Beverages which showed up on the iPad side of the Newsstand but not the iPhone side – don’t ask me why, Apple’s Newsstand works in ways that remain a mystery to me (and to publishers and readers, as well).

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