December 29, 2014 Last Updated 8:54 am

Greece appears set to vote on new government in January; iTunes Connect reopens

Morning Brief: CoFounder Magazine and Watch ABC get minor bug fix updates; ‘The Interview’ makes $15 million in online rentals, far outpacing theater revenue

The Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, today failed to win a vote for his choice for a new president today, and will now make a call on President Karolos Papoulias Tuesday to ask him to dissolve Parliament and call for new elections to be held on January 25. The defeat for Samaras may portend a defeat at the polls and a new government for Greece as the opposition party, Syriza, is leading in opinion polls.

“The country has no time to lose. We did what we could to elect a president and avert early elections and the dangers they entail,” Samaras said.

“Greek MPs showed that democracy cannot be blackmailed, however much pressure is exerted,” Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza, said. “Today the government of Mr. Samaras, which has looted society for the past two and a half years, belongs to the past.”

The failure to elect a new President in the vote in Parliament led to the Greek stock market falling sharply, though it did recover somewhat in afternoon trading. The Athens Stock Exchange General Index fell over 6 percent to just under 800, though at one point it had fallen 10 percent. (Update: a remarkable recovery for the stock market as the ASE Index closed down less than 5 percent on the day.)

Greece’s two-month bailout extension expires at the end of February, leaving any new government only a month to make sure Greece has sufficient access to the bond market.

CoFounder-iPadTwo minor updates appeared early this morning, as Apple’s App Store team opened up iTunes Connect again for new and updated apps.

CoFounder Magazine received its second update since its release on November 17. The app description just lists bug fixes as the reason for the update. (See original TNM post on the app here.)

The app uses the FlexyPress platform to build its Apple Newsstand app, and appears under the platform’s own developer account inside the App Store.

Watch ABC also was updated for bug fixes.

Look for a rush of new updates to be released in the next two days as the Apple team looks to clear out the new apps before the New Years Day holiday.

The widely panned new film The Interview reportedly raked in $15 million for Sony in online rental revenue over the weekend, far outpacing the revenue earned from theater showings. The limited theatrical run for the film about an assassination of North Korea’s leader, generated only $2.9 million.

The success of the film online may well encourage other studios to go the online route for certain films – assuming, of course, they can generate the kind of publicity The Interview enjoyed. Maybe Sony might consider putting North Korea on retainer.

The film was available this weekend through Xbox Video, Google Play, YouTube and, with Apple declining to offer the film through iTunes. But on Sunday Apple issued a statement through re/code, reversing its decision, stating that they would begin selling the film through iTunes. (Apple’s news drops to re/code are the equivalent of keeping the website on retainer, don’t you think?)

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