December 24, 2014 Last Updated 9:37 am

‘The New British’ releases a new Apple Newsstand app for its digital documentary magazine

The new app also contains the launch issue – Issue Zero – while the original stand-alone app remains in the App Store, as well

The digital-only magazine The New British launched a new version of its app last week, bringing the magazine into the Apple Newsstand, while leaving behind the original stand-alone app The New British | Issue Zero in the App Store, as well.

TNB-cover-2TNM looked at Issue Zero 49 days ago (see original post here), so if you are unfamiliar with the new magazine you can catch up.

“We wanted to make the transition to digital – print is dead. Some publishers still do it as it’s a tradition, and there are some great small independent titles, but there’s no happy medium,” editor Kez Glozier told Design Week in an interview.

The website gives a good description of the digital magazine: “The New British is a multi-platform documentary magazine that celebrates modern British life and explores underground counter-culture. Founded by director Kez Glozier, art directed by Neville Brody (The Face) & co-directed by Brooke Stubley.”

I speculated that the publisher had decided to avoid the Newsstand to help the magazine stand out from the crowd, to make it easier to find (we all know what a mess the Apple Newsstand is). But here we have a new app that is housed in the Newsstand so… wrong again!

It appears that each of the issues of the magazine will have a theme – the new one is Legacy and it looks quite similar in design to the first issue. That issue is also available inside this new app and is free. The new issue costs £1.99, though they are sticking it to the Yanks by charging $5.99. (An annual subscription is 1 year £11.99

The first issue said that “we live in angry times right now,” and the new issue continues that theme:

In the wake of Issue Zero, bound with
anger and raw power in the pages.

There was a feeling, something was
bubbling up. It was not only my gut
feeling, but shared all around me.

TNB-library-newThe app was built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The original app, one supposes, was built using the Single Edition solution, which is being pulled for Creative Cloud members. One would guess that the publisher made the decision to launch an app into the Newsstand long before learning that Adobe was pulling the plug on CC members.

I should also add that the app, mercifully, is for the iPad only. While a digital magazine such as this could easily be designed for the iPhone, this version contains fonts that are simply too small for a smartphone. This is a far experience on a tablet (though one wonders why they didn’t choose to use landscape rather than portrait?)

Digital magazines like The New British are what I imagined I would see more of when the platform was born in 2010. It is not just the use of video and audio that is exciting, but the reimagining of what a magazine should be when thinking about digital rather than print.

A hope for 2015 is that we will see more adventurous new digital magazines launched in 2015, and that they will be more easily found inside a better maintained and designed Apple Newsstand.

Here is a very (very) brief walk-through of the new issue, Legacy:

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