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All TNM wants for Christmas is… well, here’s the list I sent to Santa

Publishers could use a few gifts from Santa this year, so here is the list I made up. I recommend coming up with one of your own and getting the letter in the mail fast!

The brand new iMac on my desk, which I am using to write this post, is the lion’s share of my Christmas presents this year. No complaints, I really needed a new computer as my Mac mini was becoming a real dog, and when Apple gave old Mac mini owners a clump of coal for Christmas with its new mini introduction, I had to go with an iMac.

But the list of what TNM would like for Christmas this year is still quite long, and since I doubt Apple or any other company will fill my requests, I have decided to write Santa in hopes that he can come through.

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

I’ve been a really good boy this year. In fact, I have been so good that most people who know me thought I had died this year. There were wrong, I’m still here and have a new list for you for Christmas.

Do the best you can, and remember, if you can’t get these gifts, I still accept cash and gift cards:

  1. For Publishers, lower postage prices. Everyone in publishing is really thrilled that gas prices have come down, but it would be nice of some of those savings would get passed on to us publishers. Year after year print publishers have been hit with higher prices, they really could use a bit of good news.
  2. For Apple, a new App Store manager. The Newsstand is a mess, and it really needs someone to fix it. Ask your elves, I bet they can’t find anything in there. Eddy Cue probably has his hands full with other duties, so let’s hire him some to manage the Newsstand. I’ve already volunteered for the job myself, but haven’t heard anything from Apple, so I’ll settle for someone else getting the job (no matter how much that pains me to admit).
  3. For eBook publishers: iPhone support for iBooks Author. We’d all really like the ability to export the files to ePUB3 so that we could publish on other platforms, but understand that Apple is not going to do this. But they do like iPhones, don’t they?
  4. For Creative Cloud members, Single Edition. Adobe just announced the end of Single Edition for Creative Cloud members next year. Did they really think about this? Do they really want all those people to start looking elsewhere? I frankly can’t figure out what is going on at Adobe anymore, they recently broke their own Edge Animate app with an update, too. I think a visit from Santa Claus will change their minds about this. If not you, maybe a visit from Jacob Marley late on Christmas Eve? 
  5. For digital publishers, an ad agency that loves digital publishing. Price, price, price. That is all publishers hear from ad agencies. “Give us more page views at lower prices.” What happened to the promise of digital advertising, where agencies would be creating great new, interactive ads for those shiny new tablet editions publishers were creating? Does digital advertising all have to be about banners and bogus page views? We need a new Leo Burnett, do you have one in your bag?
  6. For international publishers, worldwide, Google translation built into their newsstand. If Google doesn’t watch out Microsoft is going to overtake them in translation. If Santa would get them to add their translation service to a digital publishing platform, publishers could publish digital magazines and newspapers and have access to readers all over the globe. It would be a win-win-win for readers, publishers and Google. If Google won’t do it, then maybe Microsoft would and give their platform a giant push forward.
  7. For B2B publishers, VC investment. The trade magazine business has been pretty much owned by NYC PE firms for two decades now. The result has been a devastated industry. We don’t need more investments, we need different investments. We need a West Coast infusion of money that wants to grow the industry, not take from it. Drop some fairy dust on the heads of some VC fat cats, and get them to think less about Facebook and Twitter, and more about those who publishing magazines for plumbers, engineers and nurses, electricians, architects and lawyers. You know, those boring magazines reads by millions. It’s a big job, I know, you may need the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny to help you with this one But give it a try!

It’s a long list, I know. But I wrote it on Monday – you have all the way ’til Wednesday night to make it happen!

Your’s truly, (and Merry Christmas!)


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