December 19, 2014 Last Updated 11:07 am

Society of Camera Operators releases replica edition of its quarterly industry magazine

New Apple Newsstand app for ‘Camera Operator’ proves to readable, though digital edition misses chance to showcase their member’s film work

This website gets requests each week to write about new digital magazines produced using PDF solutions. As there is very little to write about these apps I generally ignore the request unless the magazine’s topic seems interesting. But even still, I haven’t written about a replica edition app in months.

CameraOp-tocThat is probably a bit unfair. After all, the vast majority of digital magazines released each month into the Apple Newsstand are either replica editions of the print magazine, or new digital-only launches that look like replicas because they use PDF solutions.

Camera Operator magazine is the Journal of the Society Of Camera Operators, and they have just released a replica edition of their magazine into the Apple Newsstand under the name Society of Camera Operators. As you can see from the screenshot, it is an exact replica of the print edition, with some embedded links added to assist with navigating the digital edition.

Here, the replica edition at least presents the print magazine at a high enough resolution that it could be read on my iPad mini. Because of the resolution, the digital edition I downloaded weighed in at 77.7 MB – large for a replica, but it had to be this way to make sure the issue could be legible.

It is tempting to go on and on about why I would consider a replica edition a missed opportunity, but those that would agree and those who disagree would hear nothing new. For many publishers the goal is simple: distribute the magazine to digital readers and this new apps does that task effectively.

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