December 18, 2014 Last Updated 10:57 am

Pixbi launches augmented reality iPhone app for print magazines

TNM interviewed the CEO of Pixbi, Ryan Jones, about three months ago as they began to roll out their solution that makes digital magazines “shoppable” (see TNM story here). Today, the company launched their first app for the iPhone.

This month, we at Pixbi launched our app, allowing readers to discover products in print magazines. Through advanced image recognition and augmented reality technology, readers are provided with a unique experience of being able to view, save, share and purchase almost any product in the publication.

Pixbi-iPhone5-W-lgThis adds a fresh layer on the value for print magazines, as readers will be able to discover the products they’ve been searching for in an incredibly simple way.

Just a few months ago, Pixbi launched as a company, and our initial platform was embedded in digital magazines to provide readers with the same functionality of viewing, saving, sharing and purchasing products. Months later, we are making our offering even better. In similar fashion with our digital magazine platform, readers of Pixbi-enabled print magazines can tap on the “P” icons while viewing the print page through the app and discover products. We made virtually every image in the magazine active. Pixbi spans more magazines, pages and products than any other platform

To make all of this possible, we’ve partnered with every major retailer, and several major publishers. This December, our new app works with on a wide range of publications with more being added each month. Some of those publications include Shape, Men’s Fitness, Star and OK! Magazine.

Pixbi-instructions=iPhone5-W-lgThe publishing houses that we partner with are excited about the app as it gives print magazines a new level of enjoyment and functionality, while improving the experience for readers. Not only can readers enjoy the magazines themselves, they can also easily discover and purchase the products featured on their favorite celebrities, athletes and role models.

“We wanted to provide our print readers with the same functionality we have in our digital editions. Pixbi’s technology allows them to view, save, share and instantly purchase nearly every product in the magazine,” said Chris Tarrow, Director of Tablet Publishing at American Media, Inc. “It also allows our advertisers to bridge the gap between print ads and mobile purchasing.”

Our goal at Pixbi is to do the same with every image, everywhere, so that consumers can discover products wherever they are. We want consumers to feel empowered to make organic purchasing choices with the products they care about. Trying to search for a product online with only a faint recollection of what you saw on a magazine or advertisement can be frustrating, time consuming and ineffective. We hope to make that process simple and easy, using the images we love.

The Pixbi App is now featured and available in the iTunes App Store, or on our site:

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