December 17, 2014 Last Updated 11:33 am

Yep, digital media can be as much ‘crap’ as print; developers reminded to submit their apps

Apple enjoys a quick win in iPod antitrust lawsuit involving software update from iTunes 7.0 update from the fall of 2006

Media reporters appear to suffer from split personality disorder. If they aren’t proclaiming the death of print, they are proclaiming the inferiority of digital. Digital sucks, they write… online.

thetelegraph-featureMichael Wolff says (again) that the state of digital is “bleak” and “crap”, and Digiday thinks this matters. It doesn’t, digital media is crap, as is broadcast and, oh by the way, print. One look at Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily Telegraph front page the day of the Sydney hostage incident is enough to tell you print can be just as bad, or worse, than digital (they immediately pinned the incident in the cafe on ISIS, and called in a “death cult” despite a complete lack of evidence to support their story).

A glance at any of the categories inside the Apple Newsstand will reveal the sad state of one area of digital publishing. But Apple is as much to blame for this as publishers. In fact, the vast majority of the scam apps being produced do not come from publishers but from those outside the industry, lured in by the promise of quick riches. That the joke is on them, there are no riches to be had, is reward enough.

Yes, digital is crap. OK, now can we move on. Let’ make 2015 a “digital is crap”-free year.

Speaking of Apple, they won a quick verdict in the iPod antitrust case. The jury spent only three hours determining that there was no reason to award $1 billion to anyone over an update to the iPod software that ended up preventing music purchased through iTunes from being able to be played on other devices.

“We thank the jury for their service and we applaud their verdict,” Apple said in a statement hastily sent out to celebrate the verdict.

Now, Apple needs to figure out how to get the same jury to work its other cases.

Apple has also reminded developers that iTunesConnect will be closed from Monday, December 22, through Monday, December 29, 2014. Publishers and developers will not be able to submit new or updated apps during this time, though apps being tested using TestFlight Beta Testing are not effected.

If you are thinking of submitting a new or updated app, Apple says you better hurry – they say you will need to have them in by the 18th (that is tomorrow).

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