December 2, 2014 Last Updated 10:17 am

Google updates and redesigns its Google Play Books app for iOS

Google’s Version 2.0 update introduces new look to the digital bookshelf and general performance improvements to the Google Play Books app

Those looking to Apple for better ideas concerning digital newsstands and book stores have long since lost all hope that the company retains any interest in the world of publishing**, so it is good to see that Google’s app developers are still active.

GoogleBooksYesterday Google updated its iOS app for its Google Play Books, and it is now a far more attractive app. The Google Play version received its updated on November 11 (you can hardly blame Google for launching for Android first).

The old Google app (as seen above in the animated GIF) was as plain and unimaginative as Apple’s designs following the introduction of iOS 7. OK, with iOs 7 gone was the skeuomorphic design, but in its place was nothing to write home about.

The new Google Play books app reflects a designer giving the app a little oomph. The new look eliminates the dead space and introduces a little professional design.

The update also does more than improve the look of the bookshelf: Version 2.0 now allows the user to upload their own PDFs and ePUB files into the app, while improving the general performance of the app, as well.

Here is the complete “What’s New” information:

What’s New in Version 2.0

  • A beautiful new look and feel
  • See the books you’ve read most recently in Read NowBooks in your library are categorized and sortable
  • Upload and read your own PDF and EPUB files
  • Access free samples from the personalized recommendations in Read Now or through search
  • Double-tap on any page to zoom
  • Opening a book for the first time is much faster

** This isn’t meant as a snarky remark. It has been well over a year and a half since TNM first wrote about Apple’s App Store team stopping its maintenance of the Newsstand. Multiple conversations with Apple representatives have made clear the low priority the company places on the product. So, it is vitally important that alternative to Apple emerge, or else new management takes over at the Apple App Store. TNM has also long advocated for Apple to hire a publishing industry expert – an industry liaison if you will – to both assist the publishing community, and help drive media sales for Apple.

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