December 1, 2014 Last Updated 10:18 am

Brazil’s Editora Três dedicated to producing native tablet editions

Publisher has released 11 digital editions into the Apple Newsstand, most created as native digital editions, and using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

The Brazilian consumer magazine publisher Editora Três has released 11 iPad editions for its consumer magazines into the Apple Newsstand, its latest for SeLecT. Unlike U.S. publishers, who have followed the pack and made their apps universal, creating impossible to read editions for the iPhone, Editora Três has kept their apps strictly for the iPad.

Select-cover-400Although I can not read Portuguese, I like to look at foreign magazine apps as they often present an interesting alternative to what U.S. publishers are presenting their digital readers. But I have to admit that getting the facts straight can be difficult.

Take, for instance, the date these apps have been released: each appears to have been released into the Apple Newsstand rather recently, yet the first version is shown as “4” – that makes it seem as if there may have been earlier versions released into the App Store before these Adobe DPS apps.

Editora Três was founded in 1972 by Domingo Alzugaray with the first magazine being Planeta. That magazine also has a digital edition inside the Apple Newsstand, though it appears to be the one title that is getting the replica edition treatment,

SeLecT is typical of the native digital editions, a hybrid edition with the ads as seen in print and the editorial reformatted. SeLecT features portrait layouts, while several other titles have had their tablet editions designed in landscape.

SeLecT features a simple animated cover in the issue I downloaded (seen above) – a free issue (more recent issues are priced at $5.99). Subscriptions are discounted at the fairly typical price of $1.99 per month and $19.99 for an annual subscription (interestingly, the prices are in U.S. dollars even in the Brazilian App Store).

The preferred feature design seems to be one, long, continuously flowing page. I think it works just fine, and readers familiar with the web (that is everyone, right?) will find the navigation natural. This is one reason I would love to see oversized pages in fixed layout eBooks, something one can not do with landscape layouts at this point.


Like other magazine publishers, Editora Três is offering Black Friday deals on its print magazines. So far, however, I have yet to see any Newsstand apps discounted for Cyber Monday – seems like a natural. (I’ve reminded myself that I failed to discount our own Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms for Cyber Monday, oops.)

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