November 21, 2014 Last Updated 8:01 am

Herald & Times Group to launch pilot launch Monday for pro-Scottish independence tabloid

Move comes after the Sunday Herald enjoyed a surge in circulation after it was the only major paper to support the recent Scottish independence referendum

If today’s media environment is all about serving niches, then there was a huge opening in Scotland for a paper designed to serve those favoring independence for Scotland.

sundayherald-frontThis late summer, one by one, the newspaper that serve Scottish readers lined up against independence, with only the Sunday Herald coming out for the referendum. With most newspaper chains serving communities in England, as well as Scotland, few saw much value for their businesses in an independent Scotland.

But Newsquest Media Group, a Gannett company, which owns the Herald & Times Group in Scotland has decided to take a baby step towards launching a pro-Scotland independence paper. Starting on Monday, the chain will launch a 32-page tabloid.

But the paper is only committing to a five day pilot launch, and it has its work cut out for it. For one thing, the Herald is not exactly trumpeting the launch. And why should they, they would lose readers. So those staffing the launch will have to hope the word gets out and the new tabloid, to be named The National, will sell out its first editions.

The Guardian, which looks like it broke the story, quotes a source as saying that the “timing is good, the SNP has just passed 80,000 members and Nicola Sturgeon has just been named as the first female first minister. They are riding a tidal wave of interest in nationalism. And national daily newspaper launches are very rare, even if it is just Scotland, even as a pilot it is a big deal.”

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