November 19, 2014 Last Updated 11:37 am

Co-Founder magazine from Helsinki, built using FlexyPress

Newly quarterly magazine to cover European startups and investors, launched by Finnish journalists Tarmo Virki and Jari Peltola

One of the newer digital publishing platforms to be found in TNM’s second edition of the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms is FlexyPress, and today I was able to download a new Apple Newsstand app that uses the platform. Co-Founder Magazine is a quarterly magazine for European startups and investors. (About 15 months ago, TNM looked at its first magazine using the platform, Täheke.)

CoFounder-iPadThe magazine has appeared first in digital form, but the magazine’s website seems to suggest that a fundraising effort has a allowed the magazine to launch a print edition, as well.

The digital version of the magazine can be read in both landscape and portrait, and though the download initially froze, reopening the app fixed the issue.

The design is probably more natural in portrait, but those who use a kickstand or attach a keyboard to their iPad will more often use the tablet in landscape, so it is nice that the digital magazine works in both orientations – and thought the editorial layouts are exactly the same in both orientations, the advertising creative is swapped out for a more attractive look depending on how the reader is holding their iPad.

“We use the classical foundation of good journalistic practice, but what we are building is something new: a medium about startups for startups, a platform for startup communities to co-operate,” writes Tarmo Virki and Jari Peltola in the lead-off column.

Co-Founder-iPad-articleIn many ways the digital magazine is very simple in design, sort of what one might see in a 29th Street Publishing, TypeEngine or Glide app. But I really like the look and feel of the app and many publishers looking for a new alternative might want to take a look. Like those other platforms, the apps work just as well on a smartphone as they do a tablet (and the app for this new digital magazine is universal, as well).

The app could probably use an instructional page as I, at first, had difficulty navigating. All the reader has to do is tap and hold the screen to pull up the navigation, but it requires a long hold, something that didn’t seem natural at first (once I knew this navigation was very easy).

The digital magazine does not contain lots of digital gimmicks so the final download file size is only just under 50MB. The app appears under the digital publishing platform’s own developer account – I don’t know if this is required by the vendor, but the links in the app description do go to the publisher’s websites, at least.

While the magazine will be charging 2,69 € per issue, and subscription rates of 4,49 € for a half-year subscription (2 issues), and 7,99 € for an annual subscription (4 issues), the first issue inside the app can be downloaded for free, so Co-Founder Magazine is well worth checking out.