November 17, 2014 Last Updated 7:25 am

Scribd’s two iOS updates about new audiobooks and bug fixes

Update follows an earlier update of the Android app inside Google Play as company adds 30,000 audiobooks to monthly eBook subscription service

The subscription eBook service Scribd recently announced that they would be adding audiobooks to their $8.99 a month service. So, in order to assist those who use iOS devices to read their books, Scribd has issued two recent updates. The first introduced the audiobooks to the service for iOS users, while the second, which followed just two days later, was basically a bug fix update.

Scribd-iPhone5-W-lgScribd updated its Google Play app on November 5th to introduce audiobooks, ten days earlier than with Apple (was this a choice, or Apple’s fault?)

eBook subscription services serve a small niche of readers who will appreciate being able to read about a book a week. For these readers, the vast majority of books of interest will be short novels. As a result, these services really do not venture into the realm of interactive eBooks or reference books. As this is the battleground were the eBook wars are being fought, there is not much progress being made in developing cross-platform publishing products for more complex books.

At the recent Adobe MAX event in early October, the most frequently asked question in the book sessions concerned cross-platform publishing. Those interested in using InDesign to create their eBooks were more likely to want to create an interactive product and would be familiar with both Adobe’s offerings and iBooks Author. Unfortunately, at this time, the only platform embracing interactive eBooks remains Apple’s iOS, leaving many designers and publishers still searching for a good solution for building interactive eBooks for Android devices.

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