November 17, 2014 Last Updated 10:04 am

MPA releases first ‘Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report’ tracking social media activity of magazine media brands

Report is based on data supplied by SocialFlow which tracks magazine brands on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest

The MPA (MPA – The Association of Magazine Media) today released its first report on social media activity of its member magazine brands. The report, which the MPA calls the Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report, is based on data provided by SocialFlow

Mag-likes-info“In the Wild West of digital and social media metrics, we are all trying to get our arms around ‘how much’ and ‘how effective.’ While there is still no broad agreement on what actually matters in social media, insights gleaned from this report can be valuable in gauging the efficiency of our strategies and investments in reaching our audience and clearly demonstrate that magazine media consumers are enthusiastically interacting with their brands on social platforms,” said Mary G. Berner, president and CEO of MPA.

The report tracks 32 companies during August, September and October, measuring Facebook page likes, as well as Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest followers. Not surprisingly, the report can show growth (it would be odd if it didn’t).

The MPA recently created the Magazine Media 360° metric in order to show the value or strength of magazine brands multiple platforms including print/digital editions, websites and video. The report may prove controversial if the data begins to conflict with data coming from third party audits such that from the AAM. The report also involves a small subset of the magazine world.

Nonetheless, the new report is the first effort by the association to record new metrics across both print and digital in an effort to show that magazine brands reach far more of an audience than might at first be obvious when only looking at the paid circulation of a print edition.

The MPA released an infographic of its first Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report (PDF).

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