November 17, 2014 Last Updated 1:57 pm

City A.M. launches new Apple Newsstand and Android app using PageSuite Infinity CMS

App features unique dialogue box at app open which invites the reader to complete a form to share their information with the publisher

The London free daily business newspaper City A.M. has launched an app into the Apple Newsstand and Google Play. The new app, City AM, uses the PageSuite Infinity app CMS, and is built using a pre-designed template featuring a banner ad, full edition archive and live feed content.

CityAM-splashThe new app opens with a dialogue box with invites the reader to share their information with the publisher. This is a far better alternative to the usual dialogue pop-up with simply asks the reader if they want to share their information, and which most users instinctively reply “No”.

The reader can simply tap “skip” if they chose, but the way this is done is far superior to the standard way, and a sign that Apple is at least open to the idea of some sort of reader qualification method built into new apps.

Once opened the app offers a replica edition of print newspaper. Pinch-to-zoom is smooth – so the reading experience, while not optimal, is serviceable.

The live news content fits into a window along the right side and tapping a story takes you to the City A.M website – but not out of the app as a button at the top-right of the page allows you to close the window and return to the app.

“We know City A.M. readers are often traveling between cities and unable to pick up a copy of the newspaper,” Martin Ashplant, Digital and Social Media Director at City A.M. said. “With this app they can be sure they will never miss an edition, while also being kept up to date with the latest news from – responsively designed so stories render perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.”

The app and its content are completely free for readers to download and access. A PDF version of the print edition of City A.M. is also available to download from the newspaper’s website.

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