November 12, 2014 Last Updated 12:03 pm

First look: Vector Magazine, digital-only magazine about games and digital culture

Danish magazine uses the Adobe DPS to built its Apple Newsstand app, and is the fourth found under the developer account AdaptIntoMedia

The number of interesting new digital magazine launch are slowing to a trickle – a complaint I’ve made a few times in the past. For the most part, new digital magazines are coming from self-publishers who are using PDF solutions and producing rather awful looking publications. Digital publishing platforms like this as many use revenue share models.

Vector-coverBecause of this situation, it is good to look at those digital publishers who are obviously serious about producing a nice looking digital magazine. One of the latest new releases is Vector Magazine, the fourth digital magazine now to be found inside the Apple Newsstand under the developer account name AdaptIntoMedia. The digital magazine uses the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create a simply, but effective digital magazine.

The new digital magazines seem to have a tie-in with tech and have nice looking support websites that can drive traffic, and consequently interest in the magazines.

Vector is a Danish language magazine, and its app description is in Danish – but that hasn’t prevented someone from writing a 1-star review inside the U.S. App Store that says “The language is not English.” You can get anything by this guy, apparently.

Vector er for dig, der elsker spil og digital kultur – i alle former og på alle platforme. Magasinet går i dybden med spil og går imod strømmen med begejstringsjournalistik og kritikløs karaktergivning.

{Vector is for people who love games and digital culture – in all forms and on all platforms. The magazine goes in depth with the game and going against the tide of enthusiasm journalism and indiscriminate grading.}

The magazine is designed in portrait and when the app in installed and loaded for the first time the first issue inside automatically downloads. The issue ends up being 384 MB in size – large, but then again, many Adobe DPS built digital issues can often be even larger.

As you can see in the graphic above, the cover is animated. But inside there is very little multimedia, which keeps the file size down. The pages are designed for the iPad, so the font sizes are fine, even on an iPad mini. But the app is universal, making the iPhone version a replica of the tablet edition.

Most pages are designed as units, with the reader scrolling down to get to the next page. Some features, though use a continuous scrolling scheme where the pages appear as one long unit.

The magazine is edited by Torben Vognsen with Thomas Tanggaard.

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