November 11, 2014 Last Updated 8:32 am

NOOK Media launches its own book print service through its NOOK Press Author Services

New book printing service designed for print books for gifting and keepsakes, or to produce review and resale copies for self-publishing authors

It is pretty easy to see where the self-publishing business is going: DYI print publishing tied to the online book retailers. That seems to be the message from the announcement today from NOOK Media that it has launched its own print publishing services.

“With the introduction of the NOOK Press print service, we’re providing authors, creators, crafters and more with a powerful new tool to bring their writing to print,” said Theresa Horner, General Manager of NOOK Press & Vice President of Content Acquisition at NOOK Media. “It is very exciting to have the NOOK Press platform supporting authors in multiple formats.”

nookpress=stepsNOOK’s new service looks less geared to mass produced self-published titles than in very short run, higher quality printing as NOOK says the service is designed for “personalized gifting and keepsakes,” while “self-published authors can create promotional, review and personal resale copies.”

“As the world of self-publishing grows, NOOK Press will continue to expand its easy-to-use content creation services in support of all authors, writers and creators,” said Doug Carlson, Executive Vice President of Digital Content and Chief Marketing Officer.

The new printing service offers black & white and color printing, on high-quality paper choices, with multiple trim sizes and cover treatments. There is also design services offered at set prices through NOOK Press Author Services.

The next step, of course, would be begin offering higher run printing for those self-publisher that might be lured by Amazon’s CreateSpace or Blurb’s newest offerings. The risk, of course, is upsetting the big publishing houses which see Barnes & Noble as more on their side. On the other hand, B&N’s spinoff of NOOK opens up all sorts of possibilities including the rather ironic one where B&N ends up refusing books published by NOOK Media the way it does now with Amazon.

Welcome to the new, crazy world of book publishing.

The new NOOK Press website is rather lovely, don’t you think? NOOK seems to have taken some of the best elements of other services, made it all look simple, but included enough supporting documents to make the process appear easy.

For self-publishes looking to fulfill orders for those who have helped them with a Kickstarter campaign, the solution might be perfect.

But the first thing I noticed is that the service does not offer a trim size for books designed in landscape – the closest it comes is a square option (8.5″ x 8.5″), but even that size is only available in paperback.

This means photographers will be less enthusiastic about the service, which will be too bad for those wedding photographers who might like the idea of including this in their list of services.

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