November 10, 2014 Last Updated 6:42 am

Google brings Material Design to Google Maps iOS app, but some users says they ended up lost

Some iOS device owners complain that after the update they are taken on wild rides through the countryside when the map reroutes their directions

The map app is probably among the most useful and used apps on any mobile phone – one that includes more than just maps, but shopping and restaurant advice, and other features. But in the end, directions are what it designed first and foremost to provide.

Google late last week updated its maps app for iOS and now some users are starting to complain that the app has stopped providing good and logical driving directions.

Google-Maps-uberThe Google Maps app was updated to bring into it Google’s new look, called Material Design. The new look, as different and controversial as Apple’s new look for iOS 7, is a major new feature of the latest version of Android, called Lollipop.

“Over the next few days, when you open up Google Maps on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be greeted by bright colors and a fresh new design,” Evelyn Kim, Google Maps UX Designer, wrote online. “This new look is all about creating surfaces and shadows that echo the real world; with Google Maps’ new material feel, layers and buttons come to life so you know just where to touch to get directions, recommendations and imagery.”

But some users are starting to complain that the update is all form over function, complaining that the basic mapping function has changed.

“After the recent update, Maps will continuously auto-change after you have started,” wrote a users in iTunes. Presumably to save time, but the rerouting makes no sense! Suddenly you are taken off the highways to small backroads for no reason. Extremely confusing and dangerous.”

It is possible that the rerouting is a normal function and prone to do this in earlier versions – but users suddenly are noticing a problem. (The user could, of course, ignore the change and continue on the route and the app would probably then reroute again and return to the old directions.)

The app update also brought in closer Uber and Open Table integration, useful features assuming iOS device owners decide they can trust the actual mapping portion of the app.

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