November 7, 2014 Last Updated 10:04 am

The Economist launches new daily mobile news app, Espresso

Newly launched news app for iPhone and Android delivers its content ‘before breakfast’ with existing digital subscribers able to log in to access without additional charge

The Economist magazine has launched a new mobile news app for both the iPhone and Android, Espresso.

Espresso“Today we are delighted to announce the global launch of The Economist Espresso, a new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist,” the editors wrote on the magazine’s website. “Delivered to your smartphone or inbox before breakfast, it tells you what’s on the global agenda in the coming day, what to look out for in business, finance and politics and, most important, what to make of it.”

The mobile app will be published in editions for the Americas, Europe and Asia. The mobile app allows the reader one free article before requiring the reader to subscribe. The cost is £2.49 / $3.99 / €3.59 / $28.00 (HK) per month. Those already a digital subscriber to The Economist will gain access to the news app as part of their subscription.

At open of the first article the app asks if the reader would like to turn on push notifications. The way it does this, with a custom window is significantly better than the standard notification pop-up used (though this, too, appears at one point).

The Economist has done an excellent job growing its digital readership, though it has not done so by slavishly trying to qualify those readers into the “Digital (Replica)” category. This new app would be another example of this.

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