November 7, 2014 Last Updated 8:30 am

Blurb launches its ‘Dream Team’ – vetted editing and design pros available to assist authors improve their publishing projects

New service launches with 50 experts in editing, book and cover design, photography and other categories, concentrated in the U.S, the UK/EU, Canada, and Australia, able to support projects in English, French, and Dutch

The book and magazine self-publishing platform Blurb today announced a new marketplace for creative industry professionals called Dream Team, designed to assist self-publishers find expertise in copy editing, developmental editing, book and cover design, and other areas.

blurb-logo-170Blurb’s Dream Team is a group of professionals, curated by industry veterans Richard Nash and Molly Barton, who will be available to authors to assist them in creating and launching their publishing projects. Introductions to the Dream Team collaborators will be available free of charge as part of the Blurb publishing platform, and available to independent authors and businesses starting today.

“Often times authoring is a solitary business, if you are in the middle of nowhere where do you go to get somebody qualified?” Blurb founder and CEO, Eileen Gittins told TNM. “The author, in advance of having the book available, is probably the party least well equipped to pay somebody else, because they don’t even have the book available for purchase yet.”


Recently TNM wrote about a somewhat similar service launched in the UK called Reedsy. The big difference here is that the service is part of a publishing platform already being used by thousands of authors and companies.

“Other companies that are trying to do this independently do not have the demand side. They were going out with the supply side but not the demand side,” Gittins said.

“Here’s the best part: we do not need to charge a transaction fee. we don’t need to take a percentage of the service fees rendered. And the reason for that is simple: we are in the business of titles getting completed – and even better, as the result of hiring an expert, whether that is just a cover designer, or a developmental editor, hopefully the title itself will be of better quality as a result of other expertise brought into the picture.”

DT-memberse-660Blurb’s Dream Team launches composed of 50 experts concentrated in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia, many of whom offer expertise in more than one category, able to support projects in English, French, and Dutch. While the initial launch team is set, Blurb may soon need to add to the team based on the demand for the program.

“Publishing has, sadly, had to let go a lot of people go over the last few years so now there is a wealth, an amazing array, of talent available on a freelance basis,” Gittins told TNM. “So, the publishing industry’s loss is kind of self publishing’s gain. We have access to people who heretofore were completely booked, or even working full time at publishing houses.”

“Right now we are going to launch with the group we have because we have to see what the demand-side is. And we think we have enough coverage in each of the categories that we’re good for the moment,” said Gittins.

“But that won’t be forever if we do this well.”

Prospective collaborators can submit their qualifications via the Blurb website. In addition to expanding within the existing expertise categories, Blurb will add new categories in subsequent phases.

“Our first group of Dream Team collaborators are focused on publication creation; the next phase will expand to include the business side of publishing, including business managers, publicists, social media, and marketing professionals, and the like. These folks will help drive discovery, audience development, and book/magazine sales,” Gittins said in today’s announcement for the new Blurb benefit.

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