November 5, 2014 Last Updated 3:13 pm

B2B web and newsletter company Aggregage says it has raised more than $1 million in new funding

The B2B start-up Aggregage Inc. has announced that it had secured more than $1M in a convertible note round. The company will use the new funding to launch new websites and grow its advertising sales.

The company also announced that it had added Andrew Goodenough to its board of directors. Goodenough was the former CEO of of Highline Media and later Summit Business Media.

developmentor-screenshot-aggregageAggregage, as its name suggestions, aggregates content onto its websites and newsletters, filtering the content through the communities each site can attract.

“Let’s admit it – current business publications are becoming thinner at a time when there’s an ever increasing amount of information to keep up with. But it’s hard to stay up-to-speed given all the different sources of great content,” the company says on its website. “Aggregage editors find the best content about your industry, and then let the action of the crowd filter that great content to form the best Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual editions for that topic. You are guaranteed to find nuggets every time you read.”

“Trade media has been dominated by trade magazines, but, just like consumer publications, these B2B publications are failing readers and advertisers in every industry,” said Robert Flynn, CEO of Aggregage in the company’s announcement today. “Aggregage provides a new method of information delivery. Our platform enables us to scale up to serve every industry, deliver all readers a dynamic content experience, and eliminate many of the traditional costs of B2B publishing.”

The Aggregage model is similar to that used by VerticalNet in the late ’90s: create an online alternative to B2B print magazines. But in this case, Aggregage is actually taking the content from existing trade publishers.

“Our model is we don’t just scrape their content,” Flynn told in 2011. “In our content hub, we display a headline and a snippet of content. Then, when someone clicks on it, we push them back to the blogger or publisher. We’re building a relationship with them, and the key value for them is more traffic.”

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