November 4, 2014 Last Updated 7:47 am

Google officially launches Android 5.0 – Lollipop

The latest version of Android, code named Lollipop, was released yesterday by Google. Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android users won’t be downloading the new mobile operating systems in droves. Instead, we will start to see the OS show up in new Nexus hardware beginning with the Nexus 9.

CallingLoopVersion 5.0 of Android brings with it major changes through the use of what Google calls material design. Elements slide over each other in an effect somewhat like page flipping. Early reviews, such as this one from TechCrunch, are mostly positive.

“A number of apps that you know and love have been working hard to build material design into their framework,” wrote Nicholas Jitkoff, Designer, Google, wrote on the official Android blog. “It is important that every app be able to take on its own unique personality and experience while fitting in the larger system. A few of our favorites are launching updates shortly.”

The new version of Android also incorporates some important security features. For instance, a device with Android 5.0 feature encrypted data by default, as well as anew Smart Lock feature.

There are also new Gmail and Calendar apps included with Lollipop that will look familiar to users of Google’s new Inbox mail client.

  • Jagdish Bhatia 3 years ago

    Desperately waiting for Lollipop update for my Nexus 7.