November 3, 2014 Last Updated 1:36 pm

TalkingNewMedia to partner with App Publisher to relaunch, expand digital magazine

Two industry veterans will collaborate to expand and improve coverage of the digital publishing industry though web and digital magazine publishing efforts

The publishers of and App Publisher magazine today announced a publishing partnership. Beginning with the first issue of 2015, the two publishers will jointly produce the digital magazine App Publisher magazine, contribute stories to, and produce other digital publishing projects.

AppPub-iPad-iPhoneAs part of the move, Paul Blake, the editor and publisher of App Publisher, will become the European editor at TNM, and Douglas Hebbard, the publisher to TNM, will become the North American editor of App Publisher.

App Publisher was launched in January of this year by Paul Blake, a 25 year veteran of the publishing business. Four issues are currently available, as well as versions of the App Publisher Directory.

“I started App Publisher magazine to offer help and guidance to anyone publishing content into apps and also as an experiment in micro publishing,” said Blake. “However, there is only so much you can do on your own – and it became clear to me that for App Publisher magazine to flourish, it needed to part of a more established publishing operation.”

“Doug and I began talking about collaborating a few months ago, and it became clear very early on that we shared a common vision – not just on how we felt about the publishing world, but also where we wanted to take our respective publishing efforts. TNM is offering App Publisher a sustainable future, a platform on which to develop, and in Doug, a true creative partner. There are no downsides.”

In 2015, App Publisher will move to a six-time publishing schedule, up from quarterly. The digital magazine will also begin to offer a 6-months and 12-month subscription to readers, as well as the ability to buy individual issues. An Android version of the digital magazine will also be launched.

“In its first year App Publisher very much followed the sub-compact publishing model,” explained Blake. “We focused on long form pieces that could be read on both tablet and magazine. However, I feel that model has its limitations and has to be rethought. We’re planning on making our contribution to that process by trying some interesting experiments in compact storytelling. The idea is to keep the depth of content but cut it up in a way that means it can be digested quickly.”

“No one has the time anymore to spend 20 minutes reading a magazine but that doesn’t mean the magazine is dead – it just has to evolve. App Publisher will be playing its part in that evolution. Part of the ethos of the magazine has been to be fearless in experimenting with different content models and formats – that won’t change.”

Since its initial launch in January of 2010, TNM has moved from a blog to a news site, launched (and has since pulled) an iPhone app, and finally launched a digital publishing company last summer – TNM Digital Media LLC. In the late fall of last year, TNM published a single issue app, Tablet Publishing, a one-off experiment in digital magazines that also contained the original version of the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms. Since July of 2013, TNMDM has published five interactive eBooks (three of which are also available in print).

The collaboration on App Publisher will allow TNM to have more publishing real estate for features and columns related to digital publishing, as well as present new opportunities for those who wish to reach the digital publishing community via editorial content and advertising.

  • Jez Walters 3 years ago

    Congratulations to TNM and Paul. That’s a powerful combination. We wish you every success. You’re going to fly.

  • Bosacks 3 years ago

    Congratulations to you both. This is an exciting match of talent and the results I am sure will be very impressive.I look forward to amazing things to come.

  • Nick Martin 3 years ago

    That’s awesome news you guys! Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what comes out of this next! We will be covering in depth how people can combine and in order to create cost effective magazines for iOS, Android and the web. Would love to collaborate with you guys on this whenever it fits in the schedule of things.

    I’m excited! Hopefully soon Doug will be writing some positive things about digital magazines (possibly even Newsstand???) 🙂