November 3, 2014 Last Updated 1:35 pm

New tablet-only B2B magazine, Informed Sauce, launched for the media technology industry

Free digital magazine comes from experienced UK industry pros, features native tablet layouts in both portrait and landscape orientations

There is a lot of publishing talent out there, much of it waiting to be utilized. Digital publishing projects are certainly one way to do so, as seen in the just released tablet-only magazine Informed Sauce.

InformedSauce-cover-iPadThe UK magazine is the work of publisher Colin Birch and editor David Austerberry. Birch worked on the sales side of the business at Tyrell, and earlier at Sound & Vision Publishing. Austerberry was international editor at Broadcast Engineering magazine. That experience in broadcast media is what the publishing team hopes to bring to Informed Sauce.

“Viewing these changes from the inside, I felt it was time to abandon ink on paper, and embrace the tablet as the means to commentate on the technology side of the media and entertainment industry,” Austerberry writes in this editorial that leads off the digital magazine.

“I was already the co-owner of a brand – Informed Sauce. Since 2004 we have provided a number of services to the post and broadcast sector as they transitioned to HD. We tossed some ideas around, but in the end we decided to adopt the company name for the publication.”

InformedSauce-feature-iPadNow you know what it is called Informed Sauce.

The Apple Newsstand app is for the iPad only, and is designed to be read in both portrait and landscape orientations – something that is becoming increasingly unusual, but which many readers appreciate. Of course, it is easier to do this when the advertising is not coming from print – and there are ads in the magazine. The downside of designing for both orientations is that the file size grows, though at 343 MB for the premiere issue I don’t find that excessive.

The first issue also contains a lengthy audio track built into it, one that hidden until one taps the screen to bring up the navigation. The download was quite fast and the performance on my older iPad perfectly acceptable, though I doubt that in another year my third generation iPad will be handle new digital magazines (my newish iPad mini should be fine).

The magazine app and its contents are free to download and access. This is possible because the new digital magazine is promoting the parent business. But as there is currently no mechanism for qualifying readers for B2B digital magazines, offering the new tablet magazine for free is probably the best option.

As this new digital magazine comes from two experienced publishing pros, a support website and a media kit available at launch.

“With Informed Sauce we are taking a fresh approach to business publishing for the media technology and content creation sector,” the media kit begins. “We think of our readers as industry professionals with wide and varied interests who need to focus on very specific areas for their day jobs.”

It is good to see a new digital-only B2B magazine being launched, especially one that is taking a native design approach. B2B remains far behind the consumer sector when it comes to digital publishing, but there is plenty of talent out there ready to be utilized.

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