October 31, 2014 Last Updated 10:23 am

GoSquared pegs Yosemite adoption at close to 30%

I am a sucker for real-time analytics, except when it comes to the readership of TNM where it can either be depressing when there are only a handful of readers on the site, or too many (as when I have yet to correct a typo).

GoSq-YosemiteGoSquared, which offers web analytics for website owners, has a real-time monitor for various operating systems and now pegs adoption for Yosemite, the new Mac operating system, at near 30 percent. Mavericks is around 55 percent – but as it is real-time monitoring, it obviously fluctuates.

Simple math will lead you to see that around 15 percent of Mac owners are a couple generations behind, running Mountain Lion or earlier systems. This doesn’t surprise me because while every year Apple has released a new OS, its hardware updates have sometimes lagged (especially in regards to the Mac mini and MacPro).

People hang on to their PCs and Macs longer than their smartphones, of course. This means that they often run multiple versions of the operating system during the course of their use. But whether they run them as smoothly as when they were new depends on the new OS.

When Apple introduced Mountain Lion one of the best features of the software seemed to be that it made systems run quicker, with faster start-up and shutdown times. It was light. Because of this, many owners of older Macs did not upgrade to Mavericks after word began to filter out that older Macs did not run the new system as well. This, no doubt, has slowed down adoption for both Mavericks and Yosemite.

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