October 30, 2014 Last Updated 10:56 am

Flipboard updates app, introduces new redesigned iPhone and Android look

Version 3.0 integrates Zite technology into the app, which now offers over 30,000 topics for readers to follow

The social news digital magazine app Flipboard was update to version 3.0 last night, introducing a new design for both the iPhone and Android smartphone versions. The update integrates Zite’s technology into the app (Flipboard acquired Zite in March of this year).

2014-10-30-10_30_13The new version incorporates over 30,000 topics to follow.

“Our MagMakers have curated over 10 million magazines around subjects they’re passionate about, often flipping in insightful articles, stunning photos and powerful videos and music,” Flipboarfd said on its official blog. “Our community’s hand-picked selections, indexed by our algorithms, yield a potent new mix of topical content you won’t find anywhere else.”

Flipboard has also created what it calls “The Daily Edition” – its own, curated collection of news stories, available for reading by 7:00 a.m. local time, with editions for U.S., UK, Latin America, U.S. Latino, Brazil and India. Of course, none of this content would be available for readers without the cooperation of publishers who allow Flipboard to use their content.

Version 3.0 of the app also features a new design for smartphones.

“We’re rolling out an all-new design for the phone, where Flipboard has been re-imagined to be more magazine-like and elegant,” the company said.

The Flipboard app has come a long way. The original app was one of the first popular and truly original apps developed and released for the iPad back in 2010. Flipboard has spawned a number of competitors, and although there is no barrier to entry for aggregation apps, garnering an audience has proved hard for many competitors including Google.

But apps like Flipboard are probably one of the reasons publishers are finding it hard to develop large audiences for their digital editions. Younger readers, surveys have found, love apps. But the number of top apps is relatively small, with Facebook right at the top. With over 160,000 reviews inside iTunes, it is obvious that Flipboard also remains widely popular with iPad owners – and the new design for the iPhone and Android should only help grow the app’s popularity among smartphone (especially large smartphone) owners.

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