October 29, 2014 Last Updated 11:55 am

First ‘Start Travel’ app from Glasgow design studio looks at the hometown music scene

Stand-alone app is the sixth from the digital magazine design shop, each using the Adobe DPS to create a digital publication designed in landscape

The very best digital magazine apps probably don’t come from traditional publishers but from agencies who produce the digital products for brands, or sometimes as a labor of love. Start Digital, a Glasgow-based magazine app design agency has launched a beautiful new stand-alone app called Start Travel Glasgow Live which looks to be both a labor of love, and a calling card for their business.

GlasgowLive-iPadStart Digital was founded by Thomas Quinn, a former freelance and Daily Mirror journalist. The start-up is part of the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator program for new businesses in Glasgow.

Their first travel app is free to download, and like other apps created by the firm that appear under their own developer account, it uses the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create the digital publication.

One thing all seven GlasgowLive-TOCof Start Digital’s apps have in common is that it was designed to be read in landscape. For designers thinking about digital-only, this is a fairly common decision. Landscape is better for photography (generally) and is the orientation most commonly used for fixed layout eBooks.

Because the app is stand-alone – that is, not part of the Apple Newsstand – it can use Adobe’s single edition solution (which is free, but makes the app exclusive to the iPad). That means that the app contains all the digital edition, making the app 463 MB in size.

The team behind the app, besides Thomas Quinn as editor, includes Michael Long as creative director. Malcolm Jack, a Scottish freelance music journalist and David Moffat contributed editorial and photography.

This is a very well done digital magazine worth downloading and installing in order to get (steal) ideas for your own digital magazine.

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