October 27, 2014 Last Updated 4:21 pm

Digital newsstands issue iOS 8 updates, Adobe DPS built mag apps get updated to fix download issues

Next Issue, Nxtbook Nxtstand, Kobo, and Oyster all release new app updates, while a flood of Apple Newsstand app updates deal with issue download glitches

The release of iOS 8 is proving no smoother for media apps than last year’s release of iOS 7. But, it should be said, media app developers are rushing out updates at a record pace to make sure readers are not stymied.

NextIssue-iPadNext Issue, Nxtbook Nxtstand, Kobo, and Oyster all released iOS app updates with the past 48 hours or so to fix bugs or simply to make sure their apps are iOD S 8 compliant.

Quite a number of magazines using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite have also been updated. The common problem seems to be the ability to download issues. According to the Adobe DPS help page the problem may lie with large files being downloaded over slow connections timing out.

In any case, the version 32.1 bug fix update, released obj September 29, addresses the issue.

Adobe issued another update on October 20 with addresses a rather long list of iOS viewer fixes, as well as a much smaller list of Android fixes. The new updates being issued by magazine publishers now are probably an attempt to play catch up as Adobe issues its own platform updates.

Among the apps updated recently that specifically mention download issues were two apps from Prometheus Global Media for Adweek and Billboard magazines, and TIME Magazine’s app. Apps from Hearst for such magazines as Esquire and Cosmopolitan were also updated, though their app descriptions simply mention bug fixes.

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