October 24, 2014 Last Updated 12:59 pm

PressPad adds ‘Pro’ and ‘Custom Pro’ levels to platform

The digital publishing platform PressPad has recently added two new pricing levels to its platform: Pro and Custom Pro.

PressPad-Pro-Accounts-350The way the PressPad platform has charged for its digital publication apps is to keep the first $299 (US) of an edition’s sales though the Apple App Store and Google Play, with the publisher keeping any money from sales after that level.

Now PressPad is offering two other levels. PressPad has also added video support (see video below).

At the custom level, a publisher can now use their own developer account, keeping the name of the vendor invisible to the reader in order to not present a confusing branding message.

PressPad currently has well over 300 apps inside the Apple App Store under its own developer account name, with its most popular currently listed as Tat2 Magazine.

More information on PressPad can be found in the Guide to Digital Publishing Platforms (as well as on their website, of course).

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