October 22, 2014 Last Updated 12:25 pm

MPA releases September stats from its Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report

The MPA – The Association of Magazine Media today released the second Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report covering September today. The report shows, the association said, a 10.6 percent year-over-year increase for magazine media content across platforms.

The report is derived from survey information from the GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer, comScrore Media Metrix or Nielsen NetView information. As the report is new, it will not be until one can begin to compare information from the report with third party audited information that the one will be able to judge the usefulness and accuracy of the information.

The Magazine Media 360° is an attempt to capture demand for magazine media content by measuring print and digital editions, websites and video pieces. The report currently covers 150 magazine titles from 31 publishers.

“We are not only encouraged by the very positive consumer trends that Magazine Media 360° is affirming, we are gratified by the reception to this new measurement,” Mary Berner, President and CEO of MPA said.

“Advertisers are already embracing its ability to provide essential directional insight, which is particularly valuable when approximately 80% of advertisers who invest in magazine media buy multiple platforms. The Magazine Media 360° data is also proof positive that the industry’s unique strategy to offer platform-specific content that gives consumers enhanced – and expanded – experiences is not only resonating, it is growing our audience. With this new measurement tool, we will finally be able to fully monetize that growth,” Berner said.


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