October 21, 2014 Last Updated 5:19 pm

Postmedia’s Montreal Gazette launches Apple Newsstand afternoon tablet magazine

New iPad-only magazine will appear every Monday through Friday at 6pm, with subscriptions free for readers of the English language newspaper

The Montreal Gazette, the English language newspaper owned by Postmedia Network, has launched a new tablet afternoon magazine. Every Monday through Friday, by 6pm, the newspaper will deliver a new edition of the digital-only magazine.

The app was released into the Apple Newsstand today, and neither the app description nor website says exactly when the first digital afternoon magazine will appear (though you can check back later today to see if an edition shows up).

ipad-section2The Apple Newsstand app is built using the Adobe DPS, so one assumes that the afternoon editions will look very much like the typical interactive digital magazine.

The new afternoon digital magazine is meant to compliment the newspaper’s morning broadsheet print newspaper, and the paper’s website and mobile app – each of which was redesigned. Thanks to a single sponsor, Videotron, readers can sign up for a free subscription to make sure their issues automatically download for the next three months.

Here is the app description for Montreal Gazette for iPad:

The new Montreal Gazette for iPad is a free evening news magazine delivering an informative, entertaining and interactive local English news experience for iPad audiences, MON-FRI, at 6:00 p.m.—not just the news of the day, but the stories behind the stories that matter.

The Montreal Gazette for iPad takes an interactive approach to exploring your city, your country and your world. Each weekday evening you’ll find fresh creative approaches to news, entertainment and analysis that illustrate and illuminate the top stories of the day in a touch and explore format only the iPad can deliver.

In-depth local news, politics, festivals and cultural activities, movie and music previews, weekend entertainment guides, sports, weather and more. Each Montreal Gazette news magazine edition is brought to life through interactive storytelling and multimedia designed to inform and entertain:

• Local, regional and national news and current affairs features
• Arts and entertainment previews and profiles
• Video, audio, photos, galleries and animations
• Archived back issues
• Share stories and features across your social networks
• Breaking news alerts and unlimited access to montrealgazette.com.

Explore Montreal with the Montreal Gazette for iPad news magazine.

In many ways, the new digital afternoon magazine is reminiscent of the afternoon edition produced by the Orange County Register in 2011, which eventually was called The Peel. The idea, like that of the Gazette’s effort, was that readers like to use their tablets for laid back reading after work and that a magazine-like product would be perfect for the iPad. The Register was then, and still is today, a real life soap opera, so The Peel was not given much time to succeed. We’ll see if Postmedia gives the new tablet magazine from the Gazette enough time to find an audience.

Sorry for the poor quality of this video. With all the OS updates I’m afraid my video capture software is malfunctioning. A far better version can be found on the Gazette’s website.

  • Nick Martin 3 years ago

    I can’t help but think that news magazines is something you would definitely go to the web for and not a digital magazine. Since their app content is curated daily then it might make sence, but say a weekly or even monthly magazine covering generic news seems to be outdated much faster then being delivered. I do see news aggregation for other markets being a very handy thing though.