October 14, 2014 Last Updated 2:08 pm

The WSJ releases update to iOS app to fix bug that was preventing App Store downloads

Reader reviews inside iTunes blame WSJ app for issues with other apps – and they may be right!

The Wall Street Journal today released an update to its Apple Newsstand app, bringing the app up to version 6.0.3. The app update, as the version number signifies, is the third issued since the update released on September 17 that was for iOS 8.

seo_cw_productEach of the three updates attempted to tackle bugs introduced since the launch of iOS 8. The first two involved stability issues, but the latest one is the most interesting. The app descriptions says that the update “fixed a bug where WSJ would prevent App Store downloads.” This is a problem I have been finding on my older iPad, that issues inside the Newsstand do not download.

The bug is not universal, some apps seem to be performing just fine on older devices, but others are not.

The most recent reader reviews inside the iTunes store for the WSJ app are universally negative, with complaints about other apps not being able to download issues because of the presence of the WSJ app!


That, on the surface, seems crazy. So I tested this idea. I reinstalled an app from GIE Media that was not working properly yesterday. First I confirmed that the app still does not work on my older iPad. I then deleted the WSJ app, and then restarted the iPad as recommended by the reader reviews. Did this fix the download issue? Yes!!!

How could the presence of another app prevent the downloading of issues on an app??

Well, the WSJ have now issued an update to the app, but in the meantime I’ve deleted the old one and have no intention of reinstalling it. Judging from some of the reader reviews inside iTunes, I am not alone. This could hurt.

  • Allan Hanna 3 years ago

    Amazing – it worked! Deleted wsj and my 17 stalled updates worked. Only a problem on the mini – not the air. If i hand’t noticed the release notes on 6.0.3, I’d still have no idea. You’d think for what I pay annually for digital access, they might have sent an email to everyone.