October 14, 2014 Last Updated 1:59 pm

New print and iPad magazine, Perspective, to launch Kickstarter funding campaign for title with a ‘near future’ perspective

A new magazine will try to forecast the ‘near future’ – assuming their Kickstarter campaign is a success. Perspective Magazine is previewing their content on a newly launched website and launch their print and iPad magazine in early 2015.

taxi-cover-feature“We live in urgent times with urgent issues,” says Perspective Media CEO Paul Rothbein. “This is not the Onion – we don’t plan to make comedy. Some people compare Perspective Media to the work of Orson Welles. We are projecting based upon actual events that could transpire if people don’t take action today. This is a new form of journalism that encourages everyone to become more connected to their world.”

Sample headlines range from from “San Andreas Earthquake a Result of Fracking?” to “Drones and Driverless Cars Make Postal Service Obsolete.”

Rothbein’s LinkedIn account shows he is VP of User Engagement at Pay It Forward Labs, and previously was the owner of the website wegoviral.com.

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