October 14, 2014 Last Updated 10:39 am

Kushner names Richard Mirman, former biz dev director for Harrah’s Entertainment, as new publisher of the Orange County Register

The chief executive of Freedom Communications, Aaron Kushner, today named Richard Mirman, the former Senior Vice President of Business Development at Harrah’s Entertainment, as the new publisher of the Orange County Register. Once again, newspaper experience was apparently not a consideration in the choice.

It would be tempting, really tempting, to call this a roll of the dice. But Kushner have been placing crazy bets this year, betting that new print newspapers could penetrate the Los Angeles market, then pulling back quickly once it became obvious that the launches were failing.

Now a casino marketing executive will lead the Register, despite a lack of editorial, advertising or circulation experience – not be mention digital. Good luck, Mr. Mirman.

Meanwhile, the LA Times story on the hire couldn’t stop itself (no, not a reference to rolling the dice) by mentioning that the Register currently owes the Times $3.5 million for using Times newspaper carriers, and has recently instituted layoffs.

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