October 9, 2014 Last Updated 6:48 am

Updated: European markets fall hard, energy sector drives Dow down 2%, though tech stocks mixed

The stock markets in the U.S. slide heavily today, with the Dow falling nearly 335 points, or 2 percent. The losses were concentrated, however, in the energy sectors as oil prices continued to fall.

The energy sector of the S&P 500 fell more than 3.5 percent.

But Apple shares actually rose slightly, though Google shares tumbled with the market, ending the day down nearly 13 points, or over 2 percent. Both stocks, though, were up modestly in after hours trading.

October is another month of earnings reports with Google reporting on October 16, Apple reporting on October 20, and Amazon reporting on October 23.

Samsung has already warned investors that its earnings will take a hit. “Samsung Electronics’ 3Q earnings is expected to decrease substantially quarter-on-quarter as a result of declines in the mobile business due to intensified smartphone competition,” the company said earlier this week.

Update: European markets have opened down sharply,with the German DAX down over 2 percent, the French CAC 40 down 1.4 percent.

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