October 9, 2014 Last Updated 9:41 am

Events drive B2B media growth in first half of 2014, as print ad pages fall 7%

The latest BIN numbers continue to show that trade publishers in the U.S. are still seeking a turn around from the fall in ad pages that began to accelerate following the start of the fiscal crisis. According to the ABM report, ad pages fell 7.07 percent in the first half of 2014.

Comparing ad page numbers, the first half of 2014 recorded just under 300K in ad pages (297,337) compared to over 500K (532,286) a decade ago.

Events remain the bright spot, with revenue up 1.4 percent so far this year.

Increasingly, the B2B sector in the U.S. is divided by those companies primarily concentrating on events, and those still mostly print publishers. As a result, the industry is really two industries: one that continues to see modest growth, and the other that remains struggling to survive. While diversification has always been an important element of media success, it is now vital as fewer ad dollars are going to B2B print magazines.

The ABM released a summary of its first half numbers about four weeks ago, but TNM has held off from posting on the news until the actual ad page report became available.

According to the latest BIN report, the computing sector is taking the hardest hits, with ad [ages down over 24 percent. The construction segment, however, is basically flat – possibly reflecting a bump up in transportation construction, as well as a recovering home building market.

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