October 8, 2014 Last Updated 3:00 pm

Pioneering digital-only publication, ‘The Magazine,’ announces it will be shutdown

Founded by developer Marco Arment in 2012, The Magazine was consistently promoted by Apple in the App Store, but will see its last issue published on December 17

The pioneering digital-only magazine founded by developer Marco Arment, The Magazine, will be shuttered following a final issue dated December 17, 2014. The news came in a blog post by editor and publisher Glenn Fleishman, who acquired the magazine in May of last year.

TheMag-10-2014“The sad truth has been that, while profitable from week one, the publication has had a declining subscription base since February 2013,” Fleishman wrote. “It started at such a high level that we could handle a decline for a long time, but despite every effort — including our first-year anthology crowdfunded a bit under a year ago — we couldn’t replace departing subscribers with new ones fast enough.”

The magazine was founded in the fall of 2012 by Marco Arment, a lead developer for Tumblr, and known at the time as the developer of the popular app Instapaper. Apple immediately gave the digital magazine a boost by promoting the app in the App Store. But after only a few months Arment handed over the reins of The Magazine to its editor Glenn Fleishman.

Unlike many digital-only magazines founded since the launch of the iPad, The Magazine paid its contributors.

A little over two months ago the publication moved off its original app-based platform and moved over to the TypeEngine platform, though its look did not radically change.

The decline in subscriptions for The Magazine probably has many causes. But the fact the publication, even today, is constantly promoted by Apple, yet will shutter, reinforces the notion that Apple’s power is not limitless. With the Apple Newsstand badly in need of supervision, many publishers have moved from dedicated Apple platform promoters, to doubters.

“So we lasted as long as we could while turning a buck so that I could make an increasingly smaller portion of my living from it, while enjoying the heck out of working with so many great writers and publishing stories about so many people and things, historical and present, geeky and sweet, sad and hilarious,” Fleishman said. “It’s been great.”

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